WSPR TX/RX 14.095.60 today. Terry EA5IHM.


The Power of the Camera

Had my boat ( Quicksilver 540 ) taken out of the water here in Bolnuevo, Spain some weeks ago. There was a problem with the outboard engine, it would not start.
To cut a long story short there has been numerous reasons given (fiesta’s, new baby, no internet.etc.),  by the local marine engineers about the delay in sorting out the problem.
This is Spain so no great stress but enough is enough I thought, before I retired I was a ENG cameraman (Electronic News Gathering ). Now today was the perfect day it was thunder and lighting and heavy rain. I knew the engineers would all be inside the work shop, keeping dry.
So off I went armed with my video camera plus a still camera, and began recording all the action or none in the work shop, much to shock horror mixed with smiles, they are really nice people.
The boss and all were told that they will all be famous all around the world via the internet, needless to say it got the required result.
Happy days ha ha. Terry.

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