#Q2HD and #Mini Cam Pro

Doing some video shooting the other day, all went well till I came to download my video, using a #Q2HD and a #mini PRO camera, using a usb cable. To my surprise I could not download from either camera, tried different computers same problem. It looks like driver and firmware updates are needed. Moral of the story, do not leave your kit on the shelf unused for too long. Happy days. Terry.



Have been trawling off the back of my friend’s boat the last couple of weeks here in Spain. My friend’s rod to port and my rod to starboard ( had a 6 am start so feeling very pious ).
All is well then we haul in thinking we have a catch, only to find we have caught each other.
Then the hard work begins unraveling the lines and the hooks, its great therapy.
We don’t catch much never stressed, have a good laugh and a few beers at the end.
Can recommend.

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